SQC generally deals only with products that have passed the Product Certification Scheme. In order to ensure the availability of economical yet superior materials, supplies and equipment, the product would be required to comply with current SQC specifications through a product evaluation process, factory audit as well as field trial.

General Requirements

The following are general requirements for the Product Certification scheme:

Only products that are deemed critical and those that will have a direct impact on safety, reliability and revenue would require certification. Each division in SQC is required to list products that would require Product Certification and to update this list periodically.
New products to SQC system and those installed as part of a pilot project would not require Product Certification Scheme. The certification is also not applicable to products that are procured on single, 'one-off' basis and to products without SQC specifications.
The Product Certification applicants must be a product manufacturer or assembler. The Product certificate will be issued to the manufacturer or assembler of the product and not to the trader /agents. An appointed agent of the manufacturer however, could utilize the certificate issued to the manufacturer/ assembler for the purpose of conducting business with SQC.
A Certificate is awarded for products that have fully complied with type test requirements, passed the required field trial period (of up to six months). In addition, the production facility is required to comply with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System or equivalent standard. The Product Certificate shall be valid for a period of three (3) years and will be renewed upon satisfactory compliance with certification requirements
A formal application for the Certificate shall be submitted together with all required supporting documents. Applicants shall be required to comply with the Terms and Conditions for Product Certification. Fees due for the application for a new certificate or to renew an existing certificate shall be  paid at the time of submitting the application.
Certificate for Product Acceptance

Figure below shows the process flow for a new application for product certification and the approximate time period for the different stages of the process.

Certificate for Product Acceptance